CLEBER brand has been formed by MEDOSEL MEDICAL GROUP with 15 years of experience.
CLEBER’s main areas of activity include the following products;
*ENT examination chairs
*Blood taking  seats
* Gynecological examination chairs
* Chiropractic Chairs
* ENT and gynecology furniture systems
* Laboratory cabinets
* Podology units
* ECG stands
* Laparoscopic tables
* Gastroscope tables
* ENT endovision stands
* ENT Units
CLEBER, with its widespread dealer and service network, stands out in the sector with its products and practical solutions with certain standards that take into customer satisfaction and human health.

CLEBER starts out with the principle of  human health and perfect operation on health products and services.

CLEBER’s employees are disciplined, experienced and believe the value of customer and human health.

CLEBER assists you with a reliable and respectable place in the industry with confident steps without compromising on quality.

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