We have started our commercial life by combining our knowledge and experience, as a result of our work experience and studies which we began to have in different companies in 1994, under the name of MEDOSEL MEDICAL GROUP in 2010.

Our initial aim was to create much better and beatiful thecnolo gical devices with our knowledge and data. Year by year we real ized and actualized our potential for producing the best and carry our know-how for ward instead of importing whole parts and units to our country.

Based on this purpose, we created the "CLEBER" brand in 2010. W ith our 20 year experience in the field of ENT, our brand took its first step in its life by producing ENT Examination Units in 2018. The ENT Treatm ent Unit that we have been still producing occupies an importan t place in our company's portfolio.

In 2020, we came one step closer to our targets by producing Turkey's first domestic Full HD endoscopic camera and LED light source. We keep working on adding new local production technological devices to our product portfolio.

Today MEDOSEL MEDICAL as both a manufacturer and an importer co mpany, has "CE" certification and manufactures its products with "ISO 13845" standards. We continue to serve with approximately 2000 different products in our product portfolio.

MEDOSEL MEDICAL has the competence and capacity to provide from the most basic equipment to the most technological systems for the ENT clinics or for our doctors need. With our technical service standards (TSE) in Turkey, CLEBER branded products are highly preferred in many places and hospitals all around Turkey and also in abroad.

Our production facility has the capacity to produce many different devices that will make a difference in the sector with its technical infrastructure. We take most of our strength from our R&D department.

Our quality department, which has been established in accordance with ISO standards, enables you to meet quality products and carries out quality assurance, quality control, licensing with R&D and laboratory service units during pre and post production.

As CLEBER, we aim to continue our mission to improve healthcare services in a reliable and respectable way without compromising quality and continue to invest resources for producing better products for our customers.

“Daha iyisini nasıl yaparız?” Sorusunu cevaplamak için ilk 10 yılımızda ortalama kazancımızın %68,2’sini Ar-Ge yatırımlarına harcadık. Gelecek yıllarda da bu hızda devam edeceğiz ve Türkiye’de imal edip yurt dışında ülkemizin adını gururla taşımak için gerekli adımları atmaya devam edeceğiz.

Cleber's product line is generally in the ENT area;

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