Parma Endovizyon Seti
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Model: PARMA-K
Origin: TURKEY

The ENT endovision set, positioned on the Parma stand, designed to be easily accessible to all equipment. By adding a portable aspirator device to the lower part of the stand, it can be used as an ENT Unit. The ENT Endoscopy system has special compartments to store the optics and cables.

  • Table system with drawers made of oven painted stainless steel
  • Kamera kafası, teleskoplar ve kabloyu sökmeden saklayabilme olanağı
  • Multi-leveled narrow and drawer system for tools
  • Monitor strap and endoscopy stand
  • Integrated waste bin
  • Full HD Endoscopy camera system
  • Powerful and long-lasting LED Light Source
  • Can be used with optional combined camera and light source system


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