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Stock Code: 10121
Model: KGZ0360
Origin: TURKEY

KGZ ENT Examination Chair is a foot-supported examination chair for patients to sit comfortably. It has two motorized and synchronized working structure and ability to memorize the required positions and tilt to 180 °.

  • Electromechanical system
  • Long or wide backrest
  • 2 motors
  • Senkronize çalışan sırt ve ayak bölmesi
  • Çift mafsallı, tek hareketle sabitlenebilen başlık
  • Ability to move around its own axis
  • Control panel and position memory on the seat
  • Ability to reach the starting position (reset) with a button
  • Movable foot piece, reaching a horizontal position with the back
  • Openable armrest
  • Covered with a single piece of antibacterial and antifungal artificial leather
KGZ0360 KBB Muayene Koltuğu Referansları
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